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Shut Down Your Varicose Veins

Although venous ulcers begin as a small, painful area, they quickly become inflamed and progressively worsen into a large open sore. Ongoing ulcers put you at risk for problems like skin and bone infections.

The team at Florida Lakes Vein Center offers comprehensive wound care. They clean out the wound and use the most innovative, interactive dressings to promote healing.

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How Does Wound Care Work?

Venous ulcers require attentive care in order to heal with minimal scarring.

We teach thorough cleaning, changing the dressings, and protecting the healthy skin around the wound.

You’ll also wear compression stockings every day as you heal. This helps normalize the pressure in your blood vessels and alleviate the cause of the wound. Ultimately, we’ll want to resolve the underlying vein issue that’s causing your venous ulcer.

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About Florida Lakes Vein Center

Florida Lakes Vein Center leads the way with thoughtful wound care in Venice. Experienced vein specialists Francesca Mertan, PA-C, Lauren Fazenbaker, PA-C and TC Lackey II, D.O., lead a team of compassionate professionals who take the time to listen to patients and obtain a comprehensive medical history before recommending any vein treatment.

Our expert medical team has helped countless people around the area to understand how to best care for chronic wounds.

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